For safety, all physical orders are suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our books remain open for online tarot readings, and our daily free readings have shifted to a weekly schedule. Use code TAKEHEART20 for 20% off PDF and live online readings during this tough time.


Sometimes the answers we're looking for are already on our minds, and it's just a question of tuning in to our intuition and tuning out the noise. That's the everyday magic of tarot readings for deeper self-care.

Witch Hazel Tarot offers snail-mail and email readings as well as one-on-one live sessions to help you feel inspired again. Self-care isn't just about downtime and relaxation. It's also about thinking deeply about what you need and how to get there, and then making a plan to move forward.

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Client Feedback

"Savanna's email readings are a really nice blend of being thoughtful and intelligently written. You can tell she puts love and care into her readings, and she even helped me set an intention with how she set up my spread. I enjoyed how accessible the reading was and you could tell Savanna was coming from an open and non-judgmental place. Most importantly, the outcome helped me put things into perspective and made me look inwards to really re-evaluate what I'm looking for."

Jess, ON

Got such a useful reading. I asked a question about some work stuff, and the answers provided really helped me see some new possible perspectives. It's been a few weeks now, and I still regularly think back to some of the cards pulled, and try to work/communicate accordingly—and there have already been some great results for doing so. I'm still pretty new to tarot, but Savanna made everything really clear. Will probably be back for another reading later!

Daniel, WA

I found my reading from Witch Hazel to be very informing, insightful and thought provoking. Despite my not being the most spiritual of persons, my tarot reading gave me much food for thought. I highly recommend a reading to anyone interested in gaining perspective and a fresh look at any questions you may be facing.

Paul, BC

I truly appreciate you sharing your gift with me. Peace and blessings.

Kishanna, DC