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It’s a glass-half-full, glass-half-empty situation with the Ace of Cups reversed in this free tarot reading. Are you ready to dig deep and find balance?

Let’s unpack the meaning and symbols of the Ace of Cups tarot card. In the upright position, it’s all about love and harmony. But reversed, it suggests that you have some scope for healing and deeper connection in your life.


Ace of Cups tarot card by Pamela Colman Smith
The Four of Pentacles, or Four of Coins, sits very differenty with different people. Take a look at the upright version of the card, and see how it resonates with you. Then choose from the two readings of the reversed card below.

The Ace of Cups card in the Rider-Waite-Smith tarot deck

The Ace of Cups is one of my favourite cards in virtually all of my tarot decks. But there’s something about the traditional Rider-Waite-Smith version of the card that still captures my imagination!

In this version of the card by Pamela Colman Smith, we see the Aces’ usual magic hand proferring the suit object. The Cup presented is a yellow-gold goblet inscribed with the letter M reversed—or possibly a W. Tarot scholars don’t actually agree on this one! In any case, five streams of soothing blue water are cascading out of the cup in a magical arc.

Also like the other Aces, the sky in the background is the same dull grey while the landscape at the bottom of the card is unique. Cups are, of course, the suit of water. So it’s only fitting that the horizon is entirely water here, a pristine pond of waterlilies and charming lilypads. In tarot, water and Cups symbolize the emotions, the heart, and personal relationships. And as we’ve seen with the Ace of Pentacles and its rich green horizon, Aces symbolize the purest form of their respective suits’ energies. So it’s fitting that these waters are teeming with gentle life, symbolizing the abundance of peace as well as the depth of both loving relationships and emotional wisdom.

Finally, a dove is diving into the cup, underscoring the Ace of Cups’ peaceful vibes. The dove is carrying a disk with a cross, perhaps suggesting Communion and spiritual wholeness. Think balance between the physical body and the emotional spirit—that’s what the Ace of Cups tarot card is all about. 

How to read reversed tarot cards

We’ve taken a look at quite a few reversals in our free tarot reading series by now. And as I mentioned before, there’s no one right way to interpret tarot card reversals. For these one-card readings, we’re viewing reversed cards as opportunities to reflect on our impact in the world and the people around us. In contrast, upright tarot cards suggest the inverse—the world and other people’s impact on us.  

Giving back to your loved ones with Ace of Cups energy

From this perspective, the Ace of Cups reversed suggests that you might be drawing in more support and affection right now than you’re giving back. Now, love and affection should never be transactional. And it isn’t a question of balancing out some cosmic scales of who does what for whom.

But this tarot card is an invitation to reflect on your closest personal relationships. Have you been taking someone for granted who’s really been nourishing your soul?

Reach out to friends and family because your love matters

We tend to focus a lot on self-care and self-love at Witch Hazel Tarot, and last week we also talked about love and authenticity in our personal values with The Lovers card. But it’s also important to think about how well we love other people—and not just when they’re healing from old scars. The Ace of Cups is less about looking inward and more about reaching out.

Remember that love is healing and abundant, and yours is no exception. Do the people you love most know how you feel? And have you been making time to support them the way they support you? Be on the lookout today for opportunities to deepen those connections. Your love is a gift, and you’re probably underestimating how much it means to other people.