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Four of Wands Meaning – Smith-Waite Centennial

It's all about abundance today as we leave behind the Knight of Cups and transition into the Four of Wands tarot card! We've pictured the card alongside a wintry bouquet of cedar from my hedge. Today's card brings a welcome vernal energy to a very snowy day here in Western Canada!

We’re sticking to Pamela Colman Smith's Centennial-edition deck as we continue our free tarot reading series. Start by taking a close look at the card below. Next, we'll unpack the Four of Wands meaning for the day.

Four of Wands Tarot Card Meaning: Detailed description of card in body text. This card from the Smith-Waite Centennial card is pictured next to a vivid bouquet of cedar against a deep black background.

The Four of Wands in the Smith-Waite Centennial Deck

The Four of Wands card from this classic RWS deck features a festive pavillion in the foreground. The titular wands stand tall and straight, rising from the yellow-beige ground to a muted yellow sky. Suspended from the four wands is a rich canopy of leafy vines and run-ripe, heavy fruit. All this greenery is carefully lashed to the two outer poles with bows of curling string. And the wands themselves—the suit of fire and potential energy—also suggest bounty and growth. They have sprouted their own green leaves.

In the distance, we see a sprawling castle. Conical red roofs crown stony grey spires, and there is still more foliage clinging to the castle walls. This refuge suggests human-made comfort and safety. And instead of clashing with nature, we see in the Four of Wands the bounty of the natural world in harmony with domesticity and social protection.

Perhaps most strikingly, we see two figures between the pavilion and the castle. Their voluminous robes hang heavily, like the fruit in the canopy. And their brows show off garlands of springtime flowers. Both of these characters also hold ample bouquets aloft—two in the right-side figures' hands and one in the let-side figure's hand.

The Four of Wands meaning: Plenty of room to grow

From the canopy to the castle, from the robes to the bouquets, the Four of Cups echoes its message of abundance. It's a card that reminds us we have room to grow. And interestingly, this is a tarot card without a clear protagonist. The two figures stand side by side, perhaps uneven in their assets but fully equal in their joy.

Which of these figures resonates with you? Do you stand with both your hands full, grateful for your blessings but without a free hand to react with? Or maybe you're triumphant though you have less than your neighbour. Perhaps your empty hand is already reaching toward that next prize?

In either case, today marks a celebration of past efforts bearing fruit. You might be experiencing some inertia, but it's the right time to enjoy your life's comforts—especially on the domestic front. How can you honour how far you've come today? And can you take some time, even just a moment, to celebrate a new beginning with someone close to you?

Checking out and tuning in

In tarot, wands are often a lively and action-focused suit. We see them wielded as punting poles or even as weapons, fending off enemies or helping you get where you need to go.

But the Four of Wands highlights the softer side of this tarot suit. Wands can build fences as well as tear them down. And sometimes we need to just set them aside and stop producing results!

Focus your energy away from destruction and movement, which have their place but aren't called for today. Invite yourself to lean into passivity, inertia. You don't always have to be grasping for that next big opportunity. And you don't need to be productive all the time. It's okay to slow down, connect with another person, and simply enjoy what you already have.

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