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Knight of Cups Meaning – Smith-Waite Centennial

Perhaps it's fitting that we're kicking off our Card-of-the-Day free tarot reading with the Knight of Cups! This knight is on a quest to deliver a deeper emotional understanding—just like Witch Hazel Tarot itself.

We’re using the iconic Smith-Waite tarot cards in the first series of this daily tarot horoscope. Let’s take a closer look at the card itself and then unpack its meaning.

Knight of Cups Tarot Card. Card description in body text. Card pictured at slight angle on flower-shaped decorative tile with vivid red and blue Turkish pattern. Tile sits on deep black background.

The Knight of Cups in the Smith-Waite Centennial Deck

The Knight of Cups is pictured here astride a white horse who appears to be trotting forward. While the horse seems a little on edge, with its head held low, the knight is poised and steady. They’re clad in shining plate armour, over which they wear a stately tabard patterned with red fish on blue waves. And like the knight’s clothing, the horse’s bridle and tack are a pale blue colour.

The knight’s helmet and sabaton are decorated with slender, feathered wings. And this imagery evokes Mercury, the winged messenger god from which the planet takes its name. The visor of the knight’s helmet is pushed back, revealing a resolute face in profile. With one hand he grips the reins. And with the other, he holds a huge golden goblet ahead of him.

In the background, a pale and cloudless sky stretches above a landscape. A river meanders through sandy flatlands, dotted with trees. Low grey hills at the left side of the tarot card shift to a jagged mountain at the right side. The river suggests a moment of ease between two trials, the desert sands and the jagged mountain.

Today’s free tarot reading: An emotional triumph ahead

Steady in their saddle, the purposeful Knight of Cups speaks of an emotional journey that’s already well underway. The worst of the desert is behind you. And strenuous mountains loom ahead—but first, an oasis. A respite, and a chance to refill your cup.

You’re pushing yourself through a long and emotionally strenuous time—and you’re going to come out on top. Your eyes, unwavering and unhidden, are set on your goal. You’ve already mastered the mercurial, tidal forces that pull at your heart. But there are two things you need to pay more attention to right now.

Two warnings from our Knight of Cups card

Firstly, not everyone is so strong at this moment, and you might be overlooking your impact on others. Particularly, you should pay more attention to those who are helping you along your path. Remember to be grateful. You might not have had to take a break yet, but don’t ignore your poor, loyal horse! You’re doing an amazing job of understanding yourself right now. Just don’t lose sight of other people’s needs in the process. It might be necessary to delay your personal project so you can take care of a loved one.

And secondly, keep your eyes peeled for an important opportunity to recharge. Your energy may not be flagging, and you may even be proud of how well you’ve weathered some recent storms. Like all that water that the Knight of Cups card represents, going with the flow has been your strength. Nevertheless, this kind of all-consuming focus on a future milestone can become its own kind of pitfall. So take some downtime to look after yourself—especially your physical self-care. You probably don’t feel like you have to worry about taking a break right now. But soon, you’ll be glad you did.

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