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Nine of Pentacles Reversed Meaning – Smith-Waite Centennial

Are you struggling with frustration about having less than so many people? The Nine of Wands card appears in reverse today, ready to validate feelings of envy, jealousy, and financial hardship.

Upright, this tarot card is all about abundance, luxury, and material prosperity. But in the reversed position, it suggests an ostentatious figure in your life. This person might not know they're flaunting their good fortune in a really irritating way, so it can be hard to wrestle with feelings of anger or resentment.

Let's take a closer look at the Nine of Wands card before diving deeper into the meaning of our free daily tarot reading. And if you to learn more about how we treat reversed tarot cards here on the Card of the Day blog, check out my Eight of Wands post from last week

Nine of Pentacles Rider-Waite tarot card reversed meaning, pictured with citrine crystal on dark background. Detailed card description in body text of this article.

The Nine of Pentacles reversed card from the Smith-Waite Centennial tarot deck

In the Rider-Waite-Smith tarot tradition, the Nine of Pentacles depicts a figure in a lush garden. Abundant shrubs and vines bear not only heavy-looking grapes but also the gleaming coins of the Pentacles suit, representing the earth element, wealth, and the body.

And like the coins themselves, the figure's flowing robes are a golden yellow. A pattern of red flowers embellishes this fabric, echoing the card's motif of greenery and the lush surrounding garden. 

With one hand, the Nine of Pentacles figure caresses a single coin from their decadent hedge. And on the other hand, a parrot perches. The parrot's head is red, like the human figure's fine cap, while its body is yellow like the figure's robes. These parallels might suggest excess luxury, the kind of wealth that allows someone to match their fine clothing to their favourite exotic pet.

The figure's passively curious gaze and the flaccid posture of their hand also suggests a preoccupation with materials things. This is a person whose inner focus is entirely on the physical world rather than emotions, ideals, creative impulses, or the soul's ambitions. And while the Seven of Pentacles reminds us that prosperity can take patience, today's Nine of Pentacles is more about wealth and ease that don't depend on hard work.

Acknowledging behind material struggles

Today's reversed Nine of Pentacles card is a reminder that if you're struggling with the very real dangers and injustices of class inequality or ableism, you're allowed to feel upset. You're allowed to want things to change, to want to be treated better, and to have an easier time. And it isn't okay if you don't have enough.

I'm a socialist fortune-teller and no expert on poverty. But I invite you, if today's free reading resonates with you, to check out the important work of Margeaux Feldman. This must-read educator writes (alongside work on chronic illness) about the trauma of poverty and the work "to rebuild my sense of safety in the midst of poverty’s ongoingness."

Beyond tarot readings for self-help

In the spirituality community, I see a lot of self-help interests and determination to improve our own lives as individuals. And I myself am a big believer in the self-love magic of tarot readings. But tarot can also remind us that this isn't a bootstraps world, and we can't simply opt out of oppressive hierarchies. What we can do is try to take better care of ourselves and each other as we try to build a more just reality.

So if you're feeling uncared-for in the midst of tremendous wealth and comforts, the Nine of Pentacles reversed invites you to check in with those feelings today. Can you greet this pain and resentment without invalidating your own experience? Nobody deserves not to have what they physically need in order to thrive. You are no exception.