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Page of Cups Meaning – Smith-Waite Centennial

Hi, friends! Our final Page has made their appearance in today's Card of the Day. That's right, the light-hearted Page of Cups is your daily tarot reading, and they're all about taking yourself a little less seriously.

Yesterday, we asked ourselves, "What does The Sun tarot card in reverse really mean?" And the answer was a heavier side of optimism and self-compassion by inviting the light in and working on developing a kinder view of our own accomplishments. 

But today, the Page of Cups asks you to take a deep breath and set that heavy introspection aside. It's all about connecting with good, plain fun and the lighter side of emotions.

Page of Cups tarot card from Rider-Waite-Smith deck, detailed image description in body text, card pictured with oyster shell on dark blue background

The Page of Cups card in the Smith-Waite Centennial tarot deck

Like all of the Page cards in the tarot, the Page of Cups represents the most junior and fun-loving of the Court Cards. Unlike their older siblings the Knights, the Pages take their roles in the social hierarchy much less seriously. They're pictured without armour and without horses, suggesting that they're both less advanced and less tied down with the burdens of responsibility. And their clothing tends to be flamboyant and free—like the Page of Cups' bright floral tunic, billowing red sleeves, exuberant hat.

Of course, as we've seen, Cups are the tarot suit of water, and they represent emotions and interpersonal relationships. Water comes through loud and clear in our daily tarot card this morning! We've pictured our Card of the Day with a lovely oyster shell from Cortes Island here in British Columbia to emphasize this tarot card's watery symbolism.

Consider not only the boisterous waves behind the Page but also the hat, which itself flows around the figure's head and seems to break like a wave in a spray of blue from the shorter ribbon on the page's right side. And if these images weren't enough, the Page's cup also contains a little fish, which the figure's regarding with a curious smile.

Everything about the Page of Cups, from the somewhat clownish posture to the grinning expression and the fun-loving clothes, suggests a playful curiosity. This is a figure who's unafraid of looking at their own emotions, but who approaches their inner world with a sense of joy. Like all Pages, the Page of Cups wants to learn—but they also want to have fun with it. They're tired of being serious.

Finding joy in introspection

Today's free tarot reading is all about connecting with the Page of Cups' sense of joy and wonder when it comes to self-examination. Has self-care become something of a chore? For so many of us who are interested in self-development, philosophy, or spirituality, the work of deepening our self-understanding can become a daunting task. And of course, we have to be ready to roll up our sleeves to tackle big questions sometimes. At Witch Hazel Tarot, we're all about looking deep to find inspiration and truth.

But there's another side to growing self-help and emotional wisdom that isn't about deep, analytical thought. Mindfulness—the simple act of observing and accepting—is another path to peace. And it's not as complicated as it may sound!

An easy ten-minute meditation

Today, the Page of Cups invites you to dip your toes in light-hearted mindfulness. Whether you're a meditation expert or brand-new to mindfulness, a brief session to get back to basics is a great way to reconnect with your inner joy and set your burdens aside for a moment.

Set aside ten minutes today, using a timer, to sit or lie down as comfortably as you can in a place where you feel pretty relaxed. Close your eyes, and try out one or more of these focusing tactics to tune out stress and tap into curiosity. 

  • Focus on just your breath, following through each inhale and exhale without changing your natural rhythm. You're just observing closely, not interfering.
  • If you find that focusing on your breath causes feelings of anxiety, an alternative for hearing folks is trying instead to focus on the sensation of hearing. Just listen to all the sounds around you, and I bet you'll hear some you don't usually notice at all.
  • A third focus option is focusing your attention on the sensation of your body making contact with the floor or your furniture. Can you feel that pressure? Where in your body do you feel that contact? Pay close attention to those feelings.

Don't judge any thoughts or emotions that come up while you do this gentle focus work. And every time you catch yourself focusing on something other than your breath or your hearing or physical contact, gently return your attention to that focus point of yours.

The goal here is simply to observe with a sense of non-judgemental curiosity. Channel the Page of Cups scrutinizing their fish, and you'll find that those big, oppressive emotions fade into the background. You don't have to tackle everything all of the time.

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