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Page of Pentacles Meaning – Smith-Waite Centennial

The Pentacles or Coins continue today as we say hello to the ambitious Page of Pentacles. We were introduced to this suit of earth, wealth, and vitality yesterday with the Seven of Cups, so our Pixie deck is keeping us focused on abundance and hard work!

And as we've seen already in our Card of the Day series, Pages stand out among the Court Cards as passionate upstarts with big dreams and lots of freedom. It's time to start thinking about lofty plans and future growth! How are you working toward your future?

Page of Pentacles tarot card. Detailed image description in body text. Pictured with a folded white ribbon on a blue-black background.

The Page of Pentacles in the Smith-Waite Centennial tarot deck

In the Rider-Waite-Smith style of tarot cards, the Page of Pentacles is a fashion-forward figure (by Renaissance standards!) with a garish red hat completing an outfit of otherwise muted green and beige tones. They're looking ahead and upward at a large coin that they hold in both their hands. And the coin, as always in this deck, bears the mark of the pentagram—the occult symbol of the earth.

Echoing the coin's promise of wealth and luxury, the sky behind the figure is a vast swathe of golden yellow. Fertile hills teem with grasses, trees, well-tilled fields. And all this greenery underscores the card's earthly connection and the promise of abundance. In the distance, a humble, blue-grey mountain hints at the precious metals and useful resources that can be mined from the earth.

The Page of Pentacles tarot card is simply buzzing with optimistic potential. It harmonizes the earth's abundance with the delights of good health and the thrill of material aspirations.   

Set plans in motion

Our Card of the Day invites you to set some plans in motion and to start thinking about the future you want to enjoy. Imagine the home that will surround you in a later chapter of life. What does it smell like? Who is there with you? And can you feel the sunlight on your skin?

The Page of Pentacles reminds you that new ventures take courage and confidence but that you don't need to be an expert to start building something wonderful. A clear vision and a readiness to learn are the main ingredients in building the life you want—both for yourself and for others. So what would you be working on if you weren't so tied-down right now? If you can hold that vision in your mind today, new paths forward will emerge out of the wilds.

Connect with your passion

Wealth isn't just about security, and the Page of Pentacles' coin represents much more than a comfortable savings account—which is, of course, a worthwhile goal in itself. The coin also represents life's simple pleasures, from tasty foods and lazy mornings to exhilarating sports and bedroom fun.

When it comes to finances and the pursuit of comfort, we're all up against a huge amount of stress. So today, let the Page of Pentacles be your invitation to bring some levity into your material ambitions. How can you pursue a more comfortable future while still having fun today? Chasing big dreams doesn't mean you can't also treat yourself.

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