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Queen of Wands Reversed Meaning – Smith-Waite Centennial

The impassioned Queen of Wands is gracing us today in the reversed position. And that means it's time to pass the mic and share the floor! Are you good at helping others get their voices heard? Or do you tend to take centre-stage whenever you can?

Before we get into today's free fortune, let's take a closer look at this regal lady of the tarot's fire suit! Like her loyal Page of Wands and Knight of Wands, this Queen knows how to weave a lot of symbols and meanings into her presence. But in contrast to her courtly companions, she has a decidedly understated energy. 

Queen of Wands tarot card pictured reversed with a black spell or ritual candle on a dark background, detailed image description in body text

The Queen of Wands card in the Smith-Waite Centennial deck

We've pictured the iconic version of the Queen of Wands by Pamela Colman Smith with a ritual candle to underscore the Wands suit's association with fire. Representing the spark of creativity, whims, and passions, firey symbolism abounds in this tarot card.

Like all the Court Cards of her suit, the Queen of Wands is pictured in a sandy desert beneath a cloudless sky. In one hand she holds, of course, a Wand. As always, it evokes much metaphorical potential as a torch to light the way, a pole to guide your vessel on its journey, a weapon to fend off attackers, or even a staff to support your development. But in this card, the Wand imagery manifests most as a regal sceptre—meaning dignity, autonomy, and grace.

In this queen's other hand is a sunflower. You might remember this flower's association with warmth and light from our The Sun card free reading. This sunflower motif repeats in the banner behind the Queen of Wands. And the banner, like the queen's gritty sandstone throne, features proud golden lions as well.

The stately imagery of regal power plays interestingly in this card with suggestions of demureness. Though she wears a crown, the queen's fine clothing is much less elaborate than even the Page and Knight of Wands. This contrast implies an inner confidence. She exudes inner strength and has no great need to show off.

And while she sits on a throne, she's not lost in her own reflections like the Queen of Pentacles, but she doesn't look us head-on. She seems quietly content and self-assured, while a black cat at her feet confronts us directly. The cat's inclusion likewise stands "as a symbol of aloofness - a savvy keeper of secret," writes Avia Venefica.

This reversal asks you to make room for quiet genius

In our Card of the Day readings, we view reversed tarot cards as opportunities to reflect on how we're treating other people. (Upright cards, on the other hand, reflect our own positions in the world.) With our immensely gifted but understated Queen of Wands coming up today in the reversed position, my deck is asking you if you can share the stage and amplify other voices.

When was the last time you used your platform to promote someone else's message? Do you make a habit of speaking up for others when you hold the attention in a room?

Most of us are eager to share our passions and creativity with the world. And don't me wrong! This Wands style of expression is so important—both in keeping us connected and driving change. 

Empowering other voices

But sometimes it's important to make room for other people's passions. Remember, not everyone has the same access to an audience or the same privilege of being heard. There's no need to speak for other people, but there's so much need right now to provide opportunities where marginalized people can speak for themselves.

Today, be on the lookout for an opportunity to pass the mic. There are so many passions and ideas out there that not enough people are paying attention to. How can you empower these voices today instead of your own?

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