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Seven of Wands Meaning – Smith-Waite Centennial

The Rider-Waite-Smith Seven of Wands card is here to tell you that even if you feel outnumbered, you have the higher ground. The meaning of this tarot card is all about defending yourself and your passions, even when you're outnumbered. 

Today's daily tarot reading might remind you of a card we've seen before here on the Card of the Day blog: the Five of Wands! It's a similar card where Wands—which represent passion, fire, and the spark of creativity—take the form of weapons. But while the Five of Wands asked you to step up and fight for your own projects in a sea of competing interests, today's Seven of Wands is more about being outnumbered and still coming out on top. So let's take a closer look.

Seven of Wands Rider-Waite tarot card pictured with a Dreaming Way tarot card on a dark background. You can find a detailed image description of the card in the body text of this article.

The Seven of Wands card in the Smith-Waite Centennial tarot deck

Today's tarot card shows off the less peaceful side of the passionate Wands suit. While Wands can be torches to light the way, punting poles to get you where you need to go, or even fencepoles to protect you and your loved ones, they can also be cudgels of quarterstaffs. In this way, the Wands suit represents many different aspects of the passion that guide us. They can offer protection and collaborative tools, but they can also sow hostility. So often, our passions, projects, and whims place us at odds with each other. 

The Seven of Wands card shows a plainly dressed figure atop a green hill. You can contrast the less-fancy outfit here with, for example, the dainty Nine of Pentacles. And this plain clothing emphasizes that Wands are about raw passion, without focusing on any of the bells and whistles of the material Pentacles suit. But what sets them apart from the purely mental thought of Swords and the deep emotions of Cups is that they're so action-focused.

The figure has adopted a defensive stance, wielding a Wand like a quarterstaff. Below them, on lower ground, six other staves rise up against the Seven of Wands protagonist. But although our hero is outnumbered, their face expresses grim determination. They're not giving up, and they're not stepping down.

Feeling outnumbered?

Today's free reading suggests that things are hard for you right now. In particular, you're up against a lot of resistance when it comes to expressing yourself sincerely or pursuing your passion project. Do you find yourself getting shut down when you speak your mind? Are you expected to filter your emotional reactions? And when it comes to your creative endeavours, does it feel like nobody understands?

All of us can find ourselves in the Seven of Wands position. And it isn't always that we're struggling to win people over by expressing ourselves clearly. Sometimes other people just don't share our vision, and we're left having to defend our passion or imagination even when we're trying to keep our projects to ourselves.

You have the high ground

But today's card reminds you not only to keep fighting for what matters to you, but also that you have the high ground in this situation. You might feel overwhelmed by a sea of dissenting voices, but you're in a better situation than you think. Is it possible to focus more on your strengths and advantages, and less on the obstacles?