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Two of Swords Meaning – Smith-Waite Centennial

The Two of Swords card follows up very directly on yesterday's Ace of Swords meaning. While the Ace of Swords invited you to take decisive action, trusting in rational power alone, the Two of Swords asks you to consider how emotion and intuition can guide you on your journey.

And like its cousin the Two of Wands, today's tarot card is about starting down a new path and trying to build faith in yourself. But where the Two of Wands called on you to embrace the spark of creative passion, today's Two of Swords calls for some careful consideration.

Have you thought about how your morals or ideals align with your intuition? Today's reading asks you to take some time to focus on that very question. So let's dive deeper into the meaning of this card. It's a personal favourite of mine as a tarot reader! And I'll tell you why.

Two of Swords tarot card from Rider-Waite-Smith deck, pictures with two selenite wands on a navy coloured background, detailed card image description can be found in this article's body text

The Two of Swords card in the Smith-Waite Centennial tarot deck

In this classic "Pixie" version of the cartomancy-focused Rider-Waite-Smith deck, the Two of Swords shows a white-robed figure. They wear a white blindfold and a loose garment of the same colour. The robe's creases and folds echo a rocky channel of deep blue water at the figure's back. The figure's hair appears to be tied back, repeating the blindfold's motif of restraint, the removal of distractions. The figure's arms are crossed. And in each hand, they hold an identical arming sword. Each one stretches up to a peaceful sky lit only by a crescent moon.

Far in the distance, beyond the rippling waters, the horizon is marked by rolling, green hills. Meanwhile, in the foreground, there's only smooth stone. The figure sits on a rather austere bench of the same grey rock as the ground. Does this seating remind you of our old friend, the Four of Pentacles?

Why I love this card so much: The union of logic and intuition

There's something that always stands out to me about the Two of Swords—and it's also what makes this one of my favourite tarot cards. And that's the balance of intuition and logic that this card represents.

Of course, in the tarot, Swords are the suit of Air energy—meaning decision-making, reason, and ideology. This suit represents calculated, mental solutions to conflicts, as Patricia House of Simply Tarot explains. And these meanings are very present in our daily tarot card, from the obvious two swords to the figure's no-frills clothing, meditative posture, and plain seat. 

But at the same time, we see telltale symbols of emotional wisdom and the power of intuition that are more commonly tied to the Cups suit and certain Major Arcana, such as The Moon card. While Air correlates with logic and mental intelligence, Water is the tarot element of the heart and the emotions. Instinct abounds in this card alongside experienced calculation. The crescent moon and the mysterious waters both evoke the murky, potent depths of intuition.

Today's free tarot reading reminds you that there's harmony between rational thought and instincts

Like the Two of Swords figure, our Card of the Day invites you to consider an important decision from two angles. Whatever two paths lie before you, the solution to moving forward is to draw on both your logic and your intuition. 

This card reminds you that reason and instinct aren't necessary opposites; they can complement one another. So how can you serve yourself by listening to your heart as well as your mind? You might not come to a solution today. But it's worth taking some time to consider a big decision with your brain and your heart. 

Tune out distractions, and weigh your two options based on knowledge and your lived experience. But don't forget to also draw strength from that sea of emotional intelligence that has your back. If you can trust in both these powers today, you can deepen your trust in yourself. You've learned enough in this life to see things plainly. Now, like moonlight that penetrates a white veil, your intuition will guide the way.