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Tarot Horoscope Reading


Digital - PDFPrint - Lettermail


You’ve heard of horoscopes, but did you know that horoscopes aren’t just for astrology? You also have a tarot horoscope, and it’s a fun way to check in with yourself and feel inspired again. As our most extensive tarot spread, it’s also jam-packed with information and self-discovery! 

Why book a Tarot Horoscope reading?

In this super-comprehensive Tarot Horoscope spread, we look at the many aspects of your personality as well as your role your life. The goal of this reading is to help you connect more deeply with yourself so you can recognize just how awesome you already are—and what big opportunities to watch out for. It’s a self-care deep-dive from start to finish!

With this astrology-like tarot reading, we start by using numerology to identify your birth cards. You can think of them as your sun sign—the key to understanding your essential role in life. Next, we pull a card for all 12 of your Houses at the time of the reading, giving you an in-depth picture of where your life is at.

The 12 Houses in your reading represent the self, personal resources, your surroundings, your roots, self-expression, the body, how you handle one-on-one relationships, the key to transformation, higher knowledge, your personal quest, friendships, and the inner world. You can also compare your Tarot Horoscope to your favourite astrology app for even more fun!

What’s included with the Tarot Horoscope reading

  • A high-res photo of the tarot cards pulled just for you:
    Cards 1 & 2: Your birth tarot cards, based on numerology.
    Card 3: The self and your role in society.
    Card 4: The strengths and assets that make up your biggest personal resources.
    Card 5: How your surroundings are shaping your experience.
    Card 6: Your roots and where you’re coming from.
    Card 7: How your creativity manifests in self-expression.
    Card 8: Your physical reality and how to connect with your body.
    Card 9: How you navigate close relationships.
    Card 10: Your opportunity for growth and transformation.
    Card 11: That path to wisdom and higher knowledge.
    Card 12: Your personal quest, the path you’re heading down.
    Card 13: How your friend circle supports and inspires you.
    Card 14: Your inner world and how you are when you’re alone.
  • Thoughtful, in-depth text explaining the meaning behind your birth tarot cards and your 12 House cards, as well as the connections between them.
  • Delivery via email within five days of your purchase for digital copies and by standard lettermail (in a handy, bend-proof mailer) for print copies.

Reading formats

Our comprehensive Tarot Horoscope spread is available as a digital-only PDF reading and as a print reading delivered via snail mail.

Looking for a real-time tarot reading? You can also book a live session via video chat and request this spread for hour-long sessions.

Notes to include at checkout

For the Tarot Horoscope spread, please include the following in the notes field at checkout:

  • Your birthdate—month, day, and year.
  • Any other info about your life or astrological signs that you’d like to make a note of (optional).

Do you require detailed image descriptions or a dyslexia-friendly format? Include these options as notes at checkout for no additional cost. We will also do our best to accommodate any other accessibility requirements.

Please note that each reading is completely unique and created specifically for each client. The individual cards, props, text, and layout in your Tarot Horoscope reading will differ from the product photos above.

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Digital – PDF, Print – Lettermail