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Self-Care for Self-Love tarot spread preview with Rider-Waite-Smith tarot cards on a heart of pink playing cards
Self-Care for Self-Love tarot reading preview, featuring the previous photo as well as text explaining what each tarot card means

Self-Care for Self-Love Tarot Reading

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Love spreads have always been a staple of tarot reading, but what about self-love? You know you don't need anybody else to complete you, so it's time to start loving yourself. With the fun of Valentine's Day also comes so much romantic pressure. It's even more important to strengthen your relationship with yourself!

Why book a Self-Care for Self-Love tarot reading?

In this fun three-card tarot spread, we take a look at your self-care routine and how to love yourself a little better. Self-care isn't just about candles and bath bombs! It's also about taking the time to check in with yourself and ask what you really need right now, what's serving you in your life, and what isn't. Finding out what to let go of is just as important as discovering what to bring into your life.

This personalized tarot reading can help you put yourself first. The goal is to inspire you to let that self-love magic grow! Whether you're aromantic or just giving yourself the attention you deserve, we're putting a self-care spin on traditional love tarot readings. You deserve it!

What's included with the Self-Care for Self-Love reading

  • A high-res photo of the three tarot cards pulled just for you:
    Card 1: What mood or energy to invite into your life for deeper self-love.
    Card 2: What habits aren't serving you that it's time to let go of.
    Card 3: What your soul needs right now and how to honour that longing in your self-care routine.
  • Thoughtful, in-depth text explaining the meaning behind your self-love cards and how they connect to each other to deepen your self-care practice.
  • Delivery via email within five days of your purchase for digital copies and by standard lettermail (in a handy, bend-proof mailer) for print copies.

Reading formats

Our Self-Care for Self-Love spread is available as a digital-only PDF reading and as a print reading shipped via snail mail.

Looking for a real-time tarot reading? You can also book a live session via video chat and request the Self-Care for Self-Love spread.

Notes to include at checkout

For the Self-Care for Self-Love spread, please include the following in the notes field at checkout: 

  • Any brief info about your relationship with yourself or your current self-care routine that you'd like to make a note of (optional). Please note that we always strive to be inclusive, body-positive, poly-affirming, and trauma-aware.

Do you require detailed image descriptions or a dyslexia-friendly format? Include these options as notes at checkout for no additional cost. We will also do our best to accommodate any other accessibility requirements.

Please note that each reading is completely unique and created specifically for each client. The individual cards, props, text, and layout in your Self-Care for Self-Love reading will differ from the product photos above.