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In tarot, the Knight of Wands card is the champion of the imagination. Are you ready to follow your passion and take your creativity to the next level? With its focus on personal growth, this court card echoes the meaning of The Lovers.


The Knight of Wands Rider-Waite-Smith tarot card
The Knight of Wands asks you to get in the saddle and pick up the torch. Mixed metaphors? Maybe! But this court card is worth it.

The Knight of Wands card in the Rider-Waite-Smith tarot deck

The Knight of Wands is pictured in a vast desert, like all the court carts in the Wands suit. Remember, Wands are the suit of fire and imagination. And unlike the Knight of Cups, who is moving forward, the Knight of Wands is moving backward, suggesting a shift in attention toward the past, and inward focus.

The fire aspect of the Wands suit is especially evident in this card! Our knight sports flame-like plumes on their open helmet and their left arm. They’re fully armoured, like the other tarot knights. But over their armour, they wear the distinctive salamander mark of the Wand court cards. Want to know why? I explained the salamander’s firey significance when we looked at the Page of Wands.

The knight’s mount is as passionate as the rider, and together they canter leftward against a hopeful blue sky. The knight holds only a green-leafed wand. And the magic of wands lies in their potential to be shaped by spirited imagination. With the wand be a cudgel, a torch, a punting pole, a fencepole, or even part of a pergola? Creativity takes many forms, but it always leaves its mark on the world. Wands are all about reshaping creation through the power of the mind.

A wild imagination meets a disciplined creative practice

There’s something of a paradox in the Knight of Wands. As a scion of fire and passion, they represent a wild, free soul. Fire is volatility, warmth, domesticity, and destruction. Wands are the spark that can light hearthfires in the dead of winter or scorch the earth in the wake of a vengeful attack. Raw potentiality is in this knight’s hands—the power to change the whole world.

But at the same, as a knight, this tarot card represents discipline, hard work, competence, and dedication to a quest. Knights are fierce and independent, but they follow orders. This is someone who cares deeply about what they do and brings their authentic personality into their work. But they’re not really calling the shots, and they’ve chosen to serve a cause that’s greater than themselves.  

Passion and dedication for spiritual growth

So the Knight of Wands brings together the raw spark of creativity and the devotion of a hard worker. Our free tarot reading invites you to immerse yourself in your imagination—but also to do the hard work that it takes to get serious about your craft.

To get better at transmuting your dreams into art, you have to practice. You have to keep the end goal in sight and keep that spark alive in your heart even when it’s hard to keep going.

Of course, you don’t have to master an artistic passion. And there’s nothing wrong with having your hobbies—whether music, drawing, dancing, writing, cooking, sculpting, weaving, or design! But the Knight of Wands reminds you that mastery takes hard work and sacrifice. So are you ready to take up that torch?