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Witch Hazel Tarot is an online tarot reading service run by Savanna Margaret, an experienced tarot reader with a passion for self-care and everyday magic. We're based in the beautiful Okanagan Valley in British Columbia, Canada—the land of the Nłeʔkepmx Tmíxʷ (Nlaka'pamux) and Syilx tmixʷ (Okanagan) peoples.

About Savanna Margaret

Savanna Margaret has been reading tarot cards since 2014, when her twin brother gifted Savanna her first tarot deck. Those first cards—the Dreaming Way Tarot by Rome Choi and Kwon Shina—are still a beloved personal favourite. But since then, Savanna has also expanded her deck collection. She now works mostly with the iconic Smith-Waite Centennial edition, celebrating the work of the visionary artist and tarot pioneer Pamela Colman Smith.

Like all tarot readers, Savanna draws on her personal background as well as her intuition when helping her clients connect with the cards. Her degrees in philosophy and literature inform her interpretation of the cards. She's especially inspired by Søren Kierkegaard's analysis of subjectivity as truth—as well as the feminist fairy tales of Angela Carter.

Black and white portrait of Savanna Margaret. She is looking into the camera from a slight angle. She has chin-length, dark, wavy hair with bangs above her eyebrows.

The Witch Hazel Tarot approach

Savanna's readings also draw on her continuing education in tarot studies. She studies intuitive tarot under the wonderful Jennifer Innes—a professional advisor, healer, and teacher in Penticton, BC. As a tarot reader, Savanna takes very seriously her responsibility to create a safe, non-judgemental space for clients to explore their experiences, concerns, and decisions. Her lyrical approach to the tarot focuses on sharing an honest, informed interpretation of the cards to help shed some light on big questions and difficult times.

Above all, Savanna aims to renew and inspire through her readings. That's the everyday magic of tarot. There's no black magic here; just connecting with your own intuition and making time for deeper self-understanding. Savanna always strives to read tarot through an inclusive, non-binary, trauma-aware, and anti-ableist lens. And all Witch Hazel Tarot love readings come from a queer, poly-affirming, and aro-inclusive perspective.  

Essentially, Savanna views tarot cards as a powerful experience that doesn't require any specific spiritual, religious, or philosophical convictions. And in keeping with this view, she thinks of her practice as lyrical tarot. It's an accessible way to slow down and check in with yourself in a chaotic, late-capitalist world. 

What's a lyrical tarot reading?

Have you ever heard a song for the first time and felt like it could have been written about you? Or have you ever read a poem that perfectly captures your exact experience? Tarot is many things for many people, and there are no wrong approaches. But for us, it's mainly a way to evoke that same feeling of recognition and self-understanding through a shared aesthetic experience, and then to build on that inspiration to gain a better understanding of our feelings and choices.

Just as lyrical writing expresses emotions in an imaginative and beautiful way, our lyrical tarot readings aim to connect poignant language and images with your emotional truth. It's a process of collaborative self-discovery. With the guidance of an experienced reader, tarot cards can help you get a new perspective and feel inspired again. And from yes-or-no questions to classic tarot spreads, love readings, and beyond, these historic little cards can also help you connect with your inner wisdom.

Tarot doesn't have all the answers or support that we need in our lives, but it can be a deeply enriching and important part of your self-care practice. Want to learn more or experience tarot for yourself? Drop us a line with your burning questions or book an online reading.


Horizontal tarot card, facing downward. This card is intricately patterned in navy blue and tarnished gold colours.