For safety, all physical orders are suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our books remain open for online tarot readings, and our daily free readings have shifted to a weekly schedule. Use code TAKEHEART20 for 20% off PDF and live online readings during this tough time.

Live online tarot reading preview. Fortune teller's hand with Rider-Waite-Smith deck and a three-card tarot spread
Screenshot of a 15-minute online tarot reading over Zoom video chat
Screenshot of a 30-minute online tarot reading over Zoom video chat
Screenshot of a 45-minute online tarot reading over Zoom video chat
Screenshot of a 60-minute online tarot reading over Zoom video chat

Live Online Tarot Readings

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Looking for a one-on-one tarot reading? Our live online sessions take place via video chat. They're an engaging, relaxed way to help you gain insight into your current situation or discover an answer to a specific question that's been on your mind.

Video chat readings are ideal for our customers who want their reading to be a real-time, social experience. These sessions offer a more traditional tarot experience than our written readings that are available online and through the mail. Live readings are more about talking through your experiences, choices, and questions together instead of only sharing the story the cards are telling. Live readings aren't better than our email and snail mail readings, but they are a more immersive and conversational experience. 

This option is also great if you'd like to chat a bit about tarot or ask questions about the cards themselves. With the video chat option, you schedule a time that works for you, and the session takes place over Zoom.

Looking to book an in-person session for yourself or an event here in the Okanagan Valley? Contact us for an estimate.

Choosing from our signature tarot spreads or book free-form session

When you book a live reading, you can choose any of the signature spreads offered in our Print and Email Readings. Alternatively, you can book the duration that works for you for a free-form session that answers your questions with the best spreads for the job.

You have four session durations to choose from. If you'd like to use a signature spread for your reading, include it in the notes at checkout. If you'd like to keep your session free-form and go where the wind takes us, leave this session blank. (You can always request a signature spread during your session, even if you don't specify in advance.) 

Which tarot spreads work best with which sessions?

Video chat reading format

All of our video chat readings take place during a one-on-one, live session. The results are completely unique and tailored to your question or topic. You also have opportunities to ask questions about your reading or about tarot cards generally.

Video sessions focus on a step-by-step, collaborative interpretation of the cards' answer to your question or topic. Also, they feature a clear video feed of the tarot cards as we pull them for you. 

For these sessions, it's important that you have a working microphone so that we can speak with you. However, a video camera is optional. You can choose to share your own video during the session or keep your video turned off.


Do you require detailed image descriptions? Include this option at checkout for no additional cost. If you require any other type of accommodation, please mention it at checkout and we will do our best to meet your needs.

Are you unable to participate in an audio chat? Or would you prefer a written reading in your inbox or mailbox? Take a look at our Print and Email Tarot Readings for an audio-free alternative.