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Mercury Retrograde tarot spread featuring five Rider-Waite-Smith tarot cards and an amethyst crystal
Mercury Retrograde Tarot Reading preview featuring the five Rider-Waite-Smith cards from the previous photo and detailed text analyzing the meaning of these tarot cards

Mercury Retrograde Tarot Reading

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Mercury retrograde has gotten pretty trendy, with a lot of doom and gloom about this astrology tradition on blogs and in magazines. But you don't have to fear this period! You can also view it as an opportunity to take on a new perspective to tackle old challenges, and this tarot spread can help. So when does Mercury retrograde happen? In 2020, Mercury is in retrograde from February 16 to March 9, from June 18 to July 12, and from October 13 to November 13. 

Why book a Mercury Retrograde tarot reading? 

In astrology, Mercury is said to be the planet of communication. Because of planets' elliptical orbits, they sometimes appear to be moving backward from our perspective here on Earth. However, before the astronomer Johannes Kepler discovered the elliptical trajectories of planets' orbits in the 1600s, planets were thought to orbit in perfect circles. Epicycles, minicircles within the wider circular orbit, were proposed to explain the apparent backward motion we see in planets at regular, predictable times.

While we know now that the retrograde or backward motion of these alleged epicycles is a trick of perspective, a lot of people still think of them as useful metaphors for big shifts in the status quo. If you feel off during Mercury retrograde periods, when the planet of communication starts seeming to act funny, you might feel tongue-tied or out of sorts.

But you don't have to accept that everything will go wrong and avoid all agreements, contracts, and communications as much as possible for a few weeks every time Mercury's retrograde motion begins. You can view this time instead as an opportunity to find new ways to communicate and a prompt to give everyone the benefit of the doubt when miscommunications abound and intentions are so easily assumed. That's where this Mercury Retrograde tarot spread comes in—to help you come up with a personal plan to shift your perspective and weather this metaphorical storm!

What's included with the Mercury Retrograde reading

  • A high-res photo of the tarot cards pulled just for you in your Mercury retrograde cycle:
    Card 1: The overall theme for you in this Mercury retrograde period.
    Card 2: How effective communication usually works for you.
    Card 3: How to shift your approach to communication during this retrograde. 
    Card 4: What personal baggage you're carrying into this period that it's time to let go of.
    Card 5: What new tool or perspective it's time to embrace during this cycle.
  • Thoughtful, in-depth text explaining the meaning behind your cards and how they relate to each other in the context of your Mercury retrograde journey.
  • Delivery via email within five days of your purchase for digital copies and by standard lettermail (in a handy, bend-proof mailer) for print copies.

Reading formats

This spread is available as a digital-only written reading and as a print reading delivered via snail mail.

Looking for a real-time tarot reading? You can also book a live session via video chat and request this spread.

Notes to include at checkout

For the Mercury Retrograde tarot spread, please include the following in the notes field at checkout: 

  • Your Sun, Moon, Rising, Mercury, Venus, and Mars signs if you know them, or a link to your astrological birth chart if you have one, or your username on the Co—Star free astrology app (optional but highly recommended).
  • Any info about your experience of Mercury retrograde, challenges you're facing, or interpersonal conflicts that you'd like to make a note of (optional).

Do you require detailed image descriptions or a dyslexia-friendly format? Include these options as notes at checkout for no additional cost. We will also do our best to accommodate any other accessibility requirements.

Please note that each reading is completely unique and created specifically for each client. The individual cards, props, text, and layout in your Mercury Retrograde reading will differ from the product photos above. This reading is intended to serve as guidance for a specific Mercury retrograde cycle, not for every time Mercury stations retrograde.