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Our lettermail tarot readings offer a snail-mail options for everyone who loves traditional mail. You’ll receive a physical copy featuring in-depth written analysis of your tarot reading, along with a quality printout showing the actual tarot cards we pulled just for you. This keepsake option explains every nuance of your reading and helps you understand the meaning and the connections between your cards.

We deliver these tarot readings straight to your mailbox as standard lettermail. With this physical written copy, you can share your reading with friends or just keep it somewhere safe to revisit again. Just select the “lettermail” option before adding these readings to your cart. You submit your question and any additional details you’d like to include, and the rest is up tp us!

Our seasoned professional tarot reader, Savanna Margaret, will consult the cards on your behalf. She shares every aspect of her reading in the letter we send out one to three days after you place your order.

For lettermail readings, you can choose from the following custom and signature tarot spreads:

Best friends tarot spread
Best Friends Tarot Reading – Lettermail
Tarot Horoscope spread
Tarot Horoscope Reading – Lettermail

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