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We turn to security and creature comforts with the Seven of Pentacles tarot card. Pentacles or Coins are the suit of earth, the body, and money. And this is their first appearance in our free tarot reading series, so let’s get to know them a little better. 

If the Five of Wands is all about taking action and stepping up for yourself, this tarot card is about getting away from the fray and enjoying some peace and quiet. And I think you deserve it after all that confrontation!

The Seven of Pentacles tarot card from the Rider-Waite traditional deck
The Seven of Pentacles card is all about waiting for hard work to pay off.

The Seven of Pentacles card in the Rider-Waite-Smith tarot deck

The Seven of Coins in the Rider-Waite-Smith tradition depicts a blue-and-orange-clad figure waiting patiently beside a bush teeming with six yellow coins. Their eyes are cast downward, and they lean heavily on a wooden staff (or wand!) that connects them to the abundant earth. At their feet sits a single coin, perhaps already harvested or perhaps having fallen from the bush on its own time, in ripeness. 

The horizon is distant and mostly obscured, emphasizing the intense focus on the act of waiting for the right time to collect. And the sky, too, is neutral. It also draws our attention to the earth and its fruits.

Patience and self-care; nature and nurture

We’ve pictured this tarot card with a big ol’ hunk of natural citrine crystal for a reason. The Coins suit asks you to turn your attention to the earth. The source of warmth, life, and wealth, the earth is itself inorganic, so it presents an interesting contradiction. We tend to personify the earth as a benevolent mother who nurtures us. But we also need to take care of the planet, as the Australian wildfires urgently reminded us. And this is an apt perspective to bring to tarot reading. It isn’t just what we take—it’s how we protect and give back.

The Seven of Pentacles is often a gentle reminder to be patient. Good things take time, and we can’t always engender the results we want by taking action. Often, we just have to wait for past efforts and natural processes to come to fruition before we can become more comfortable. Waiting is hard, but it’s also necessary. The Seven of Pentacles asks you to keep your patience and reminds you that the effort will meet with reward.

Learning a spiritual lesson from the Earth

As a single-card reading, with the earthiness of the Pentacles or Coins suit in mind, we can also look at this card as a call to strengthen our relationship with the planet. Remember that the earth provides for us, in all its abundance, but that it’s our duty not to take more from the planet than it can provide. We are our planet’s caretakers, and if we treat nature with respect and patience, we can turn the corner to a more sustainable future while learning how to invite more patience and intentionality into our own lives. 

The Seven of Pentacles is, therefore, a lovely tie-in with our slogan here at Witch Hazel Tarot, live slow, try tarot. Living slow isn’t always about self-care and introspection. It’s also about stepping away from the hustle and bustle of capitalism. Not only for our own sakes’, but for the world’s.

So have a think today not just about delayed gratification but also how you can strengthen your connection with the earth. Whether spiritually or monetarily, religiously or physically, you have the power to give back and protect nature. So what will you do with that gift?